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Belmont Clesta eIII Takara Belmont Corp dental chair (Japan)
Thanks to fine balance between a chair, with the latest decisions in ergonomics, both the control unit with the simple and “clever” interface, Clesta eIII creates ideal conditions for the doctor and the patient. Clesta eIII provides effective and productive practice.

Unsurpassed ergonomics of Belmont

The chair was developed with calculation to provide unprecedented comfort for the patient in any situation, due to use of a special axis of a back of a chair, smooth mechanisms of an inclination and an ergonomic head restraint.

Maximum usability.

Smooth movement of a little table of the doctor and easily availability of the holder of tips help to lower load of the doctor.

Estimate really unsurpassed quality, reliability and durability of the Clesta installations

Chair of the patient of “Clesta eIII” (hydraulic)

Automatic return of a chair to a zero position.
Memory of return to the last position (LP).
The 8th functional pedal of control of the patient’s chair.
Axial back of a chair and rotary head restraint.
Left-and right-hand armrests.
Safety lock of safety of lowering of a chair.

Unit of “Clesta eIII”

Lower giving of tools.
Unit shoulder for the patient.
Gun water/air, 3 MIDWEST (3+1) modules.
The handle with the button of pneumatic regulation of height of a unit.
Adjustment of a pressure of water and air on each module.
Digital control panel:
a) positions of a chair of the patient;
b) spittoon and filling glass.

Spittoon and workplace of an asisstent of “Clesta”

The built-in spittoon with a porcelain bowl.
The digital control panel from the assistant.
Automatic washing of a spittoon.
Automatic filling of a glass.
Telescopic shoulder with the holder of tools for the assistant.
Slyunootsos injector type.
Preparation for connection of the vacuum cleaner (a hose and a tip).

IO-5000 Light lamp

On the range it is as close as possible to white day lighting – exact perception of color of the estimated object.
System of contactless inclusion of a lamp (photo cell) – protection against cross distribution of an infection.
Three-position regulator of intensity of lighting.
Ordinary additional switch.

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