Dexcowin iRay D3 Dental Handheld X-ray System


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iRay D3 Dental Mobile Handheld X-Ray
Dexcowin invented the iRay D3 more than 10 years ago, in 2004, after several years of R&D. The iRay D3 has some different names for the OEM, but the official product model name is DX3000. We have designed it as a pure handheld portable X-ray. It has many different features for mobile, battery powered, handheld, cordless, digital, and camera types. It is lightweight, durable, stable, easy to use, saleable, and compatible to all radiation detectors, with clear, effective images. However, what we would like to emphasize, and what we are so proud of about the iRay D3 is that it is safe for handheld use. This is because we are concerned about the safety and care of the operators and patients. This is our top priority and responsibility to our customers. We follow all required rules from FDA, GMP, CE and all local health departments from the over 40 countries and states we have registered in. We keep to the safety regulations during manufacturing. Our long term company strategy for iRay D3 is to “Make it safe,” “”Make it better than yesterday,” and “Make it durable.”

A summary of iRay D3 features

iRay D3 Convenience & Cost effectiveness
You can stay with the patient, and it is especially beneficial for children.
No need to construct separate shielded rooms, so all operation rooms can be X-ray rooms.
Lightweight 4 lbs gives you handy operation and saves time for full mouth X-ray.
More than 200 shots on single charge (1.5 hour). Battery and a spare battery included.

iRay D3 compatibility
Applicable and be compatible with all detectors, film, PSP and all kinds of sensors.

IRay D3 Mobility
Completely mobile system with a battery and extras.
Compact design and lightweight allows it to be moved anywhere in and out of office.

IRay D3 Safety
Designed for handheld, so it does not affect the operator with extremely low leakage radiation.
Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery is very safe and stable with a safety circuit
Battery can be charged separately with a main X-ray body.

Other accessories
AllMyT mobile cart for iRay D3 to be mounted on.
A neck strap to balance the weight and preventing dropping.

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