K-Laser Cube 3


$12,500.00 $9,850.00

Laser therapy or photobiomodulation consists of the use of specific wavelengths of light to achieve therapeutic effects. During this process the Infrared Laser Light interacts with the tissues at the cellular level allowing the regeneration of damaged tissues. These effects occur when the photons, emitted by the laser, are absorbed by the chromophores of the tissues, increasing circulation and increasing the supply of water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area.

This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, Muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. As the affected area. Recovers its normality, the function is restored and the pain relieved.


– 3 Wavelengths (660nm, 800nm, 970nm). Can be emitted simultaneously or in any combination.
– 12 watts continuous wave (CW) power, 15 watts super pulse (ISP). Shorter treatment times and faster ROI.
– Pulse range from 1-20,000 Hz, enhances therapeutic effect by targeting multiple parameters of tissue repair and inflammation reduction without tissue adaptation.
– QRT technology allows for rapid switching of accessory tips
– Easy to use pre-programmed protocols eliminate any uncertainty. Operator adaptable software is easy and customizable.
– ?Weight and Coat Color selections automatically adjust output power for increased safety and effectiveness.
– Zoom lens hand piece enables operator to have complete control of power density.
– Software updates downloaded via USB port / Quick export of patient history to computer.
– Less than 3.5lbs makes the Cube lightest in its class and extremely portable.
– Built in Lithium Ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of treatment time
– Incorporating the industry’s first solid-state diode module, reducing heat and preventing thermal and mechanical stress, ensuring a stable laser emission without fluctuations.
– 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on laser/industry leading lifetime Diode warranty.

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