Kodak 8000C Digital Pan Ceph Dental X-ray


$22,500.00 $11,000.00


Consistent images, consistent dose

  • Capture clear, optimally exposed panoramic, segmented panoramic, TMJ and maxillary sinus images in seconds
  • High-frequency generator ensures constant radiation and lower dose than analog units

Budget friendly, user friendly

  • Affordable, compact design fits practically anywhere
  • Accommodates patients of all shapes and sizes and wheelchair accessible
  • Streamlined user interface, preset programs and face-to-face positioning make exams comfortable, quick and simple

Optimized radiology workflows

  • DR technology reduces exam time and eliminates film processing and cassette handling
  • DICOM conformance ensures easy integration with PACS, RIS, and printing systems
  • One-shot cephalometric technology captures images in less than a second, reducing exam time and risk of retakes
  • Dedicated sensors for each modality save technologist time, reduce risk of breakage

A trusted company, a proven product

  • Proven product reliability – even in demanding, high-volume environments
  • One-stop shopping for digital imaging and IT solutions from a company with over a century of medical and dental imaging expertise
  • Broad range of Carestream equipment and professional services such equipment service agreements, site planning and DICOM integration services.v

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