Kodak 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System


$25,000.00 $12,500.00


Add cephalometric imaging abilities to your 9000 3D System for even more abilities. Through our revolutionary one-shot technology, cephalometric image acquisition takes less than a second—thereby reducing exposure time and the risk of retakes due to patient movement.  With the 9000C 3D System, you can perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments right in your office, rather than referring patients to imaging centers. Reduce multiple visits, prevent rescheduling issues, and enhance patient care with three versatile imaging abilities right at your fingertips: panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D imaging.

Superb image quality, all three modalities

  • Variable focal trough adapts to patient’s jaw morphology – generating high-quality, true panoramic images
  • Best-in-class cephalometric image quality with reduced risk of motion blur
  • Ultra-high resolution, low-dose, focused-field CBCT images provide superior visualization of fine bony anatomy, such as radicular structures

Optimized for radiology workflows

  • DR technology reduces exam time and eliminates steps, such as film processing and cassette handling
  • One-shot cephalometric technology captures images in less than a second, reducing exam time and risk of retakes
  • Dedicated sensors for each modality save technologist time, reduce risk of breakage
  • DICOM conformance ensures easy integration with PACS, RIS, and printing systems

Simple by design

  • Streamlined user interface, preset programs and face-to-face positioning makes exams quick and simple
  • Accommodates patients of all shapes and sizes and wheelchair accessible
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software with improved features for reviewing, reporting and sharing images
  • Includes a comprehensive implant planning model to help referring dentists identify exact measurements and create simulations of proposed treatments

A trusted company, proven products

  • Proven product reliability – even in demanding, high-volume environments
  • Broad range of Carestream equipment and professional services such equipment service agreements, site planning and DICOM integration services.
  • One-stop shopping for digital imaging and IT solutions from a company with over a century of medical and dental imaging expertise

Panoramic Modality

Cephalometric Modality

Cone Beam CT Modality

Technology CCD – Optical

CCD – Optical Fiber Sensor

One-Shot with CCD Sensor with Optical Fiber

Cone Beam with CMOS Sensor with Optical Fiber

Gray Scale

14 bit

14 bit

15 bit

3D Field-of-View



• Single Volume: 5 cm x 3.75 cm
• Stitched Volumes (up to 3): 9 cm x 7 cm x 3.75 cm

Exam Options

• Panoramic

• Child Mode

• Segmented Panoramic

• Maxillary Sinus

• LA TMJ x 2

• LA TMJ x 4


• Cephalometric

• Lateral

• Oblique

• Frontal (AP/PA)

• Submento-Vertex

• Carpus

• Multiple Cephalometric Field Choices: 30 x 30, 24 x 30, 24 x 24, 18 x 24, 18 x 18


• Resolution Options: 76, 100, or 200 micrometers

• Location of Exam: User-defined (mandible, maxilla, TMJ)

Input Voltage

230/240 V – 60 Hz

230/240 V – 60 Hz

230/240 V – 60 Hz

Tube Voltage

60-90 kV (max)

60-90 kV (max)

60-90 kV (max)

Tube Current

2-15 mA (max

2-15 mA (max

2-15 mA (max


140 kHZ (max)

140 kHZ (max)

140 kHZ (max)

Total Filtration

> 3.5 mm eq. AL

> 3.5 mm eq. AL

> 3.5 mm eq. AL


353 lb (160 kg)

438 lb (199 kg)

353 lb (160 kg)

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