MyRay WDS Wireless Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor


$5,500.00 $2,500.00


Three-Layer Sensor Technology
State-of-the-art X-ray image acquisition. Made of three different layers encapsulated in a protective shell, each layer contributes to final image quality.The Caesium Iodide scintillator grants unsurpassed image clarity;The Fibre Optics Plate protects the sensor from degradation of direct X-ray exposure;The CCD acquisition device with 20µm cells delivers high definition images.
You can be sure no detail is missed.

Save time and costs, reduce X-ray exposure, improve your diagnostics
Enhance, share, store your X-ray images easily, thanks to the treatment software.Work with existing X-ray generators.It is available in two sizes, so you can chose the one that better suits your needs. Specific aiming devices are designed to facilitate
sensor positioning.

WDS is intraoral X-ray technology made simple,
so nothing else stands in the way between you and
the digital choice. Going digital is no longer an option.
Better workflow. Better care.

Wireless Digital System
Bluetooth® technology transmission enables
fast visualization and total freedom
of movement.

Easy to Share
Pocket size handheld device,
operates on rechargeable batteries,
easy to carry between treatment rooms.
High Definition X-ray Images
Three-layer intraoral sensor, improved
diagnostics at minimal X-ray exposure rate.

Wireless intra-oral X-ray system, portable, with Bluetooth® technology, featuring:
– white sensor size #1  (active area 20 x 30 mm) or #2 (active area 24 x 34 mm)
– sensor positioner
– compact Bluetooth® receiver (USB2 key)
– battery recharge cradle
– Imaging Suite CD-ROM
– sample of hygienic disposable covers

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