Shining 3D Intraoral Scanner


$6,500.00 $5,500.00



This intra-oral dental scanner, developed by Shining 3D, is a fairly advanced intra-oral digital impression scanning system. It captures 3D data in real time and can export high quality STL format data which is compatible with most CAD/CAM systems available in the market.

– Real-time 3D scanning, easy and fast to capture digital impression.
– High quality digital model, open system,
– Compatible with CAD/CAM system
– Anti-fogging system
– Multi-function indicator
– Multi-function button
– Intuitive handle design
– Different types of scan-tip
– Suitable for different patients
– Can be reused after disinfection

Scan software:
– Real-time 3D Image
– Indicator tells the scan status
– Fast re-locating scan
– Touch screen supported
– Can be used as an intra-oral camera

– Camera resolution: 1.3 Mega
– Scan range: –
– Scan speed: 10 frames/s video scan mode
– Scan mode: non-contact scan, surface scan
– Temperature: oo high temperature could lead to lower scan accuracy
– Device dimension: –
– Weight: –
– Export data: –
– Interface: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
– Power: –

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